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1906 - The first End of Year Tour to the UK and France

This piece is under construction. Click on this link to find a synopsis of the whole tour with some pictures. (The first Springboks - Rugbyrelics).

I'll change add some of my own stuff about this tour here -including some additional pictures- over the next couple of months. 

The Tour Party

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WA 'Piet' Neill,   WA 'Bingo' Burger,   AF 'Barley' Burdett,   Arthur Marsberg,   Arthur Burmeister,   Anton Stegmann,   Japie le Roux,   Dietlof Mare,   DFT 'Dougie' Morkel,   HG 'Oupa' Reid,   JWE 'Klondyke' Raaff,   DJ 'Koei' Brink,   D Brookes,   DC 'Mary' Jackson,   WA 'Billy' MillarAndrew Morkel,   HJ 'Pinkie' Daneel,   Pietie le Roux,   Paul RoosCecil 'Daddy' Carden,  HW 'Paddy' Carolin,  FJ 'Uncle' DobbinWC 'Rajah' Martheze,  HA 'Boy' de Villiers,  Sydney de Melker, Steve JoubertJack HirschBob Loubser, JapieKrigeWS 'Sommie' Morkel 


The Springboks ended the tour with 608 points for and 85 against. Out of 29 matches, 26 were won, 2 lost and one match drawn.

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