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How to navigate on this website

I see a lot of visitors seeking information about players either in terms of how many matches they played or pictures of players and/or teams.

I therefore thought it a good idea to include this page on how to find what you seek on this website.

No matter what page you are you'll find on the left of the screen a panel of topics. For instance the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th headings (after Home, Finding Info, Members and Guestbook) on the left side of this page are 1956 tour, 1965 tour, 1970 tour and 1976 tour. What you won’t see is the subpages.

Using the subpages

If you put your cursor on the 1956 heading a list of subpage headings (Introduction 56; Australia 56; 56 Waikato; 56 North Auckland; 56 Auckland; 56 Manawatu; 56 Wellington) will lit up. Clicking on those subpage headings will take you to a full description of the match with pictures. Some of these subpages will have a next layer of sub-sub headings. For instance Introduction 56 has a subpage called 56 Springboks departure.

Using the content tables

However an easier way is to click on the first headings (1956 tour; 1965 tour; 1970 tour and/or 1970 tour) and that will take you a content table for those respected tours (1956; 1965; 1970 and 1976). The content tables have a list all the matches played -during that particular tour- with the scores. The headings in blue (teams) in the content table are linked to the match description. So click on the headings in blue and that will take you the match. For instance the first heading in blue in the 1956 table is team. Clicking on team will take you to an article on how the team were selected, who the players were and some team photos. The next heading under team in the content table is Introduction. Clicking on that heading will take you to a short overview of the tour; what were the major issues and why was the tour a success or a failure.

You’ll be able to read everything posted regarding that particular tour by navigating from the content table.

Finding information about players

If you want information about a particular player in terms of how many test matches he played, when he played and some pictures about the player go to the heading (on the left) called player’s teams and tests.

Posted on that page is a link to another website called Springbok rugby tests. Opening that link will give you a page with year dates on the left hand side and some headings on the top of the page namely; home; statistics; rugby links and index. The Statistics and rugby links headings have drop panels. If you want info about a particular player go to statistics which will bring up a drop panel. Go to the first heading on that drop panel called players and then too the next drop panel heading entitled longest career. This provide a list of all the Springbok players ever; scroll down until you find the player you want information about and then click on his name and that will take you to a career record of that particular player.

Once you know when that player played you can go back to the original website and click on the tour that he played and check the various matches for pictures and more info on what sort of player he was.

There is another option which would apply if you know when the player played test rugby.

If you know more or less when the player played go to the left of the screen on the Springbok rugby tests website and click on the year and then on the various test matches listed. For intance if you want to find how many test matches Edrich Krantz played and you know he played in 1976 in a test match go the 1976 heading and then click on the test matches. You'll find his name in the team for the first test. Clicking on his name will show that he also played a test match in 1981 against Ireland. If you now go back to the McLook rugby collection and click on 1976 -in the left hand panel of the screen- you'll be taken to the table of contents. Clicking on the first test will then give you a full description of the match with pictures and video material of Edrich Krantz mostly because Krantz scored a try in that test.  


Some of the match descriptions (mostly test matches) have links to video but you can go to the video heading on the left and find the drop panel at the top. The drop panel 1976 first test for instance will then provide you with a number of video clips of that particular test.