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Hi ouens,

Hoe is almal? - "96" vra verpleegster om dit te lees uit na julle - ok?

Wat gebeur met die Springbok-trui vir vanjaar se Wêreldbeker-toernooi?

Ek het nie 'n "Springbok" embleem op te spoor op dit.

Ek het onthou dat 'n advertensie skutting 'n Springbok game iets langs die lyne van "respekteer ons erfenis" sê - was dat in die verwysing na hierdie kwessie?

In all seriousness guys, I should ask - is this a big deal in South Africa? - probably not I guess.

Anyway, I hope you are all well - and look forward to hearing from you - especially 96 provided he hasn't got his pills mixed up again.







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All Blacks 1996
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The placement of the Springbok logo on the team’s Rugby World Cup jersey, is a temporary relocation – as well as the logos scaling – are to conform to the contractual requirements of the tournament organisers.

This placement only applies to World Rugby events. The Springbok logo has been placed on the left sleeve of the playing jersey. Other nations – such as Australia – also relocate their team emblem to the jersey sleeve for World Cup events.

 The placement is not determined by the apparel sponsor; it is an inevitable consequence of the current regulations.

This would be the perfect excuse for the All Blacks and Springboks to opt out of RWC. Instead we could have a 24 match tour with a four test match series. The winner would obviosly be World Champions until the next test series between the two rugby nations.

This would make RWC irrelevant and a minor event for second tier nations.

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