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7 July 1965 - Palmerston North​

South Africa 30 / Manawatu-Horowhenua 8

The next game against Manawatu-Horowhenua, a combined rural team with no big names, was played in Palmerston North. Terry McLean made two primary observations about the Springboks as they prepared for this match. The first observation relate to how they responded on the loss against Wellington:

The Springboks emerged cheerfully enough. That’s the baffling thing: They don’t compose themselves as a beaten team ought to do. The 1956 team, in the same circumstances, were as sore as boils and one respected them for this. But it’s evident that, underneath, some of the 1965 Springboks at least are very sour.

His second observation relates to the team practice session in preparation for the match against Manawatu. Write Terry McLean:

Louw announced last evening that all of the team would train today. We galloped, therefore, to Freyburg High School in mid-morning. Who was present? Only the dirt trackers. Jingo, these are peculiar people! They just had a hiding, they are all short of a gallop and yet, so they feel, they don’t need more work. Someone is nuts around this camp. I am glad it’s not me.

Both de Villiers and Wilson played in their first games in New Zealand. The general perception of the local media was that the Springbok team consisted of the "dirt trackers" or the players who were not favourites to play in the test matches.In reality, there were several players on the team who would eventually play in most of the tests.


South Africa


Lionel Wilson


HC Wright

Gert Brynard


JJ Nicholls

Syd Nomis


R Florence

John Gainsford


L Moffitt

Jannie Engelbrecht


R Paewai

Keith Oxlee


JDP Taitoko

Dawie de Villiers (Capt)


DJ McCaskie

Jan Ellis


W Feasey

Andrew Janson


J Rumball

Haas Schoeman


R O’Neil (Capt)

Piet Goosen


S Hornibrook

Tiny Naude


F Thompson

Walter Parker


K Nesdale

Don Walton


B Kitchen

Hannes Marais


B McLennan

McLean on this match:

The Springboks after leading by only 11-8 at half-time won pulling it up at 30 to 8. The principal reason was the play of de Villiers. Manawatu-Horowhenua had a shrewd tactician in Jimmy Taitoko.

Beautiful on the kick to the right spot, fascinating agile of movement, full of speed when he decided to run. Yet even Jimmy couldn’t foot it with Dawie in all –seeing vision. Where Nellie Smith, up til now, has been solid, dependable, as countable upon as the next striking of the Town Hall clock, Dawie was fluid, versatile, an instant appreciator of the possibilities of a situation.

De Villiers play was the best of all the ‘Boks and it was a delight to observe how readily he switched the direction of the attack; but Goosen was readily splendid at the lineout, Janson was ruggedly vigorous in the tight-loose, and with a score of seven to one in heels against the head Walton further served notice that he was the best hooker in the team and the two countries while Ellis was again full of dash.

There was no score for the first 18 minutes and it was the combined team who scored first. The one wing Paewai scooped up a loose ball and passed to No. 10, Taitoko, who kicked the ball into the Springboks 25. Here Rumball, one flank gained possession to dive over near the posts for a converted try. Two minutes later, Goosen drove to within a few yards from the opponents' goal line where he offloaded to Ellis. The ball went to Oxlee, who sent Nomis over in the corner. Janson stormed over two minutes later from a lineout before scoring his second try soon afterwards following up on a kick made by de Villiers.

Picture shows Andrew Janson scoring his second try.

Four minutes into the second half Walton dived over from a loose ruck for a try, converted by Naude. Then de Villiers sent Engelbrecht away on the blindside of a scrum to run through unopposed for a try also converted by Naude.

Oxlee was successful with a dropgoal before Brynard broke through on the left touchline making good ground before he found Walton on support on the inside for the hooker to score his second try. Four minutes before full time Engelbrecht broke through several tackles before finding Wilson who scored wide form the posts. Naude missed with the conversion and the game ended with an easy 30-8 win for the Springboks.

A much improved forward display by the Springboks a combined rural team without any evident speed in the backline or bulk up front.

Dawie de Villiers gave an outstanding performance behind the scrum.

John Gainsford who made some great line breaks was by far the best back on the field