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3 July 76 - Eastern Province 15 / All Blacks 28

The match was played in Port Elizabeth on the Boet Erasmus stadium on a warm sunny day with a fresh westerly blowing. Match attendance was 20 000 plus of which about 2 000 were Africans.

The referee was Piet Robbertse (Eastern Transvaal).

The All Black team: 15: Laurie Mains; 14: Bryan Williams; 11: Terry Mitchell; 13: Bill Osborne; 12: Lyn Jaffray; 10: Duncan Robertson; 9: Lyn Davis; 8: Alan Sutherland; 7: Ken Stewart; 6: Lawrie Knight; 5: Pole Whiting; 4: Frank Oliver; 3: Bill Bush; 2: Tane Norton (Captain); 1: Brad Johnstone.

The Eastern Province team: 15: Hannes van Vuuren; 14: Hennie Kriel; 11: Cheeky Watson; 13: Andre Gerber (replaced by his brother Orlando in the 78th minute); 12: Eben Olivier; 10: Gavin Cowley; 9: Tiekie Transell; 8: Rauch van Reenen; 7: Pieter Rademeyer; 6: Thys van der Merwe; 5: Pat Clarke; 4: Mike Ryan; 3: Ronnie Alan; 2: Basil de Coning (Captain); 1: Piet Karstens.

Run of the game 




12th minute

Cowley left foot drop goal.


19th minute

Try Williams.


27th minute

Try Davis.


35th minute

Doug Robertson drop goal.


42th minute

Try Doug Robertson.


44th minute

Williams penalty, 41 meters.


47th minute

Cowley penalty, 22 m.


57th minute

Try Mains.


64th minute

Try Stewart, Mains convert.


71st minute

Try Transell, Cowley convert.


80th minute

Cowley penalty.


Before the game incidents/issues/stuff

No issues before the game.

During the game incidents/issues/outstanding moments

The All Blacks struggled with their goal kicking and Laurie Mains was successful with only one in five conversion attempts. He also missed penalties from 45 and 36 meters. Williams missed two of three penalty attempts failing from 45 m and 40 m.

Cheeky Watson missed penalty attempts from 41 and 42 meter and Cowley missed with one from 31 meters. Watson had a good game and mowed down his direct opponent Terry Michell on three occasions when the latter should have run in tries.

Terry Mitchell and Cheeky Watson watched each other closely. Watson preventing Mitchell a couple of times from scoring and Mitchell bundling Watson out on the corner flag on one occation.

The All Black scrum was impressive against the heavy Eastern Province pack; they had Piet Karstens on loose-head prop on 118 kg, Ronnie Allan weighing 113 kg on tighthead and a 111 kg No4 lock in Mike Ryan. The All Blacks secured 4 heels against the head against this massive EP pack with Basil de Coning –a fine player- on hooker.

Ken Stewart scoring against Eastern Province with Pat Clarke on his back looking up at the referee (Top picture). In the back Lyn Davies is also looking at dominee Piet with a bit of a concerned frown no doubt expecting another sermon.

The All Blacks started tentatively and the EP pack with a hiss and a roar but began to fade after about 20 minutes. It was at about this time when the All Blacks got going and began to string the phases and gave the ball some air.

The first try, on the blindside, through Davis, Robertson and Jaffray to Williams was classically simple writes Terry McLean.

By halftime the All Blacks led 11-3 after a charge down try by Davis and a dropgoal by Robertson.

In the second half Jaffray snapped into a gap and with a high pass put Mains in for a try that had the pavilion blazing with pleasure, according to McLean.

Lyn Jaffray get past his man in the EP game.

Laurie Mains scoring against EP.

Eastern Province provided much excitement when they came back strongly late in the second half –with the All Blacks dropping of the pace a little- and made a couple of superb dabs on the blindside. In 71st minute Transell “lethally” picked the ball out of the All Blacks second row, according to McLean to score; Cowley coolly converted. The All Blacks couldn’t even ask “what’s up ref?” with this decision because dominee Piet was too busy preaching for them to get a word in.

Gavin Cowley made a bit of an impression on the All Blacks. He kicked a dropgoal, two penalties and a conversion in this match.

After the game reactions/occurrences

The All Blacks was not happy with the way referee Piet Robbertse went about lecturing, preaching and acting like a schoolmaster during the match. General feeling was that he lectured way too much and treated them like a bunch of kindergarten kids. Some of his remarks also bordered on being offensive. Terry McLean is of opinion that the referee -with the 1960 punch-up between the All Blacks and EP in mind- probably overreacted a bit and suggests that the little hustle and bustle that did take place was no way extreme and within the boundaries of acceptable behavior at that level.

As it was stationmaster Piet penalized them 7 times in 10 minutes and it would have been 7 in 7 if he did not waste an extra three minutes with all the lecturing in between the penalty.